Opening hours

                                        Thursday: 4pm - 7pm

    Friday: 11am - 6pm

Saturday: 10am - 3pm



Monday thru thursday evening the shop`s only open for scheduled appointments! 


The decision to only open up my doors for public at three days the week wasn`t made without a reason.


We´re not a walk–in shop. My focus is on creating (as far as possible) a unique piece of art for you, and to give you all of my attention.

With this kind of management i´m able to do so without any pressure, regardless of whether while tattooing or while a consultation.


I´m not working like on a “assambly-line”, i want to have time for each one of you to sit down with me, get to know each other (pretty important factor in my opinion, too) and discuss your ideas.


A tattoo lasts for a lifetime, taking some time to figure it out is definitely worth it… ;) 

How much does it cost?

Famous counter question: How much is a red car? ;)


Exactly, it`s never easy to answer you that question in general, especially if it`s the first question you`re asking. Pricing a tattoo is more complex than you might think.


It depends on the size, the style (Black and Grey, or do I need 25 colors more…) , the effort (preparations, sketches, adjustments,) and how much sessions are needed for it.


And last but not least, it also depends on you :) Every skin is so unique like the person himself.


That`s why i`m only able to give you a reliable information about the price when we´ve pointed out the necessary details about your tattoo :)


Who doesn`t know all those gross pictures from sore tattoos which you´re finding online nowadays. Or the same shady TV - "reports" about toxic colors, etc. ... :)

If you feel anxious about that, don`t worry, you´re able to calm down :) About 90% of those pics/reports are founded on the work of scratchers, done in some shady kitchens at home.


Every legitimate and official Tattoo - Shop uses only official (which means tested and proofed) tattoo ink from licensed shops. Furthermore, we´re working together with the local health department, which does unanounced shop - check ups, too.


I`m regular Bloodborne Pathogen - schools and other related curses , to make sure that i`m always up to date with hygenic standards, because your safety is my highest priority.


Speaking about the materials, i want to point out that i`m using only disposable needles, tubes or cartridges. There´s nothing in contact with your skin what i`ve used before on another customer :)


Please, if you got any health/hygenic related questions, feel free to use the contact page! There are no dumb questions... ;) :) 

Trend  tattoos, or as i call them, "Pinterest - Tattoos" ;)


As i already said before, my goal is to create a unique piece of art for you. A tattoo often is something like a mirror for your personality or soul, which means it has to be (in my opinion) as unique as you are :)


Of course it`s always nice to be "in", but please take in mind that a tattoo isn`t a piece of clothing or a song on your iPod. It`ll remain on your skin till the end of your life, you`re not able to dump it or to get rid of it when your mind changes. I want you to be 120% satisfied for the rest of your life, when you`re leaving my shop in the evening :)


Sometimes, while talking about your idea with the artist, you might think "Hey, that arrogant dude doesn`t want to tattoo me that small infinity sign, screw him!". Hint: Most of us aren`t arrogant ;) We only have a bit more experience, and we don`t want you to pay us for something, that you`ll cover up 2 years later. Always keep in mind, we`re living from tattoos. So if i deny doing one, it`s absolutely in your interest... ;)





I´m attending the following Conventions. If you want to set up a appointment, feel free to send me a email :)




01. - 02.09.2018 - Wuppertal Tattoo Convention  -D-


25. - 27.01.2019 - Golden State Tattoo Expo, Pasadena CA  -USA-